Welcome to IoTeamVN

IoTeamVN offers IoT solutions for cost savings and maintening the users’ comfort, which are developed by Vietnamese experts to best suit customers’ needs in Vietnam and region market. Our motto based on 3 criteria:

  1. EFFICIENT in time, effort, and money,
  2. CONVENIENT to use,
  3. SMART in management and operation

“Smart solutions for sustainable developments”


Applying IoT – Internet of Things and other advanced 4.0 technologies, IoTeamVN is currently providing 3 main types of products / solutions:

Automatic and remote watering solutions for households. Watering at the right time and watering enough will save you time, money and the amount of water used to water your plants.

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Energy monitoring helps you to be transparent about the power consumption factors behind each bill, to better understand usage for saving money and safety purposes.

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Also known as SCS – Smart Control System, a solution that automates the control of devices in the house, maintains comfort and saves electricity usage.

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